A Place To Grow

A Place To Grow

The 2022 Frankfort Garden Walk sponsored by Evilena’s Red Dresser is just a few weeks away! This year, the beneficiary of all proceeds from the Garden Walk will be Navarro Farm of Frankfort.

The staff of Evilena’s Red Dresser recently had the privilege of touring this beautiful farm, and we had the honor of hearing first-hand the vision and mission of Damion and Sherri Navarro, the founders of this amazing place!

The farm was originally purchased with the intention of storing equipment for the Navarro’s environmental services company, but God gave them a vision for a greater mission for this beautiful property!


Their own son, Carter, is the inspiration that planted the seeds for a harvest of opportunity in Frankfort and other surrounding communities.  Carter has Down Syndrome and recently graduated from Lincoln-Way East High School.  Navarro Farm became a place for Carter to interact and enjoy time with friends, while simultaneously learning skills like gardening and animal care.

One by one, more special needs friends came to learn and to spend time at the farm.  Stepping out in faith, the Navarro family just kept walking through the doors that God opened before them, and the dream began to unfold in front of them. Friends and family brought their skills and donated time and materials to build, remodel, and transform the property into the beautiful farm it is today.  The Navarro family continues to dream and to work toward their vision of developing a very special place for all sorts of wonderful things to grow!

The Mission Tree at Navarro Farm is focused on Jeremiah 17:8… 

“They will be like a tree planted by the water that

sends out its roots by the stream. 

It does not fear when heat comes, its leaves are always green. 

It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

The beauty of Navarro Farm lies within their roots. It is rooted in growth.  From the growing of vegetables, animals and life experiences, the virtues that comprise growth will be the focal point of the farm’s mission.  These virtues come from our Creator and shall remain the roots that fortify the growth missions of Navarro Farm. 

There are six key values that guide the day-to-day operations of Navarro Farm. These values are:

Nurturing ~ There’s a sense of pride that radiates from children when they engage in activities that lead to accomplishments, including the growing and harvesting of fruits and vegetables.

 Joy ~ Carefully tending to a garden brings joy to the soul and nothing warms the day more than the delight of a smile from our gifted farmer as they experience the opportunity to cultivate a plant from seedling to maturity.

Growth ~ We equate gardening with growth. As the plants of a child’s harvest grows bigger and stronger, so does their heart and mind. Similarly, when plants overflow with the fruits of their hard work it spills over into lasting impressions that adds to their inner strength.

Love ~ Love nurtures all and is truly at the root of the farm experience. The journey of raising plants and nurturing animals with the love from our special farmers elevates us all to a higher level.

Experience ~ It is our vision that every seed, every weed pulled, every moment of watering and caring for a plant, is the same type of nurturing that is deeply planted in each child’s experience on the farm.

Impact ~ A carefully tended seed grows into a plant that bears its fruit throughout the cycle of a growing season. So, shall be the seeds of experience that we instill in our children, with the benefits to withstand a lifetime.


Navarro Farm creates a nurturing environment where individuals can experience the beauty of learning real-world skills. They encourage independence and social skills for children and young adults with disabilities.   This special place is more than just a farm.  It is a place to grow.

It is also the home of the very first special needs 4-H Club in Illinois!  You can check out the Navarro Farm Facebook page for more activities and upcoming events. There is always something good coming up at Navarro Farm!

“The blessing has begun and there is work for us to do.” ~ Navarro Farm

Please join us in supporting Navarro Farm by visiting our Frankfort Garden Walk this year! Navarro Farm is one of the gardens featured along the walk - so, your garden walk ticket includes a visit to Navarro Farm on June 25th. 

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