Bound In The Bundle Of Life

Bound In The Bundle Of Life

Hello, Friends! We hope you are enjoying a marvelous midsummer! Evilena’s is now accepting Fall items for consignment.  We are also welcoming transition pieces to bridge that season between Summer and Fall…with it’s warm days and cooler evenings. 

Speaking of Transition

One of our missions at Evilena’s Red Dresser is to help people through times of transition.  This subject is so important to Evilena’s that we have included it in our store creed. We are dedicated to helping our customers during seasons of change and transition.

Sometimes transition is expected. Sometimes it comes as a surprise.  Transition may be welcomed and create excitement, or it may arrive as an uninvited guest.  These seasons of change may foster a feeling of sadness or dread, or they may usher in a new episode of hope and a bright future. We are grateful that our consignment services help our customers as they close one chapter of life and open a new one.

But without exception, ALL of these transitions demand that individuals adapt to change. People may be called upon to downsize, upsize, rearrange, declutter, dress up, minimize, delegate, pass along, repurpose, or restyle.

We’ve all been there at one time or another, haven’t we?  

Each and every day, Evilena’s Red Dresser is presented with assorted items at our consignment window. Our goal is to treat each consignor and every item with respect.  We understand that sometimes treasures are sold out of necessity. Often, a loved one has passed or moved into a long-term care facility and their family must consign or donate the belongings of someone who mattered to them.  

Every piece that is brought to us is carefully considered, and looked over with respect and care.  Each piece tells a story.  Our business is so unique! We receive items at our in-take window, then must determine if it is something that can be resold to a customer for a reasonable price.  Value is an interesting thing to ponder.  Evilena’s has a multi-faceted purpose behind every item that goes out into the store for sale. We consider the consignor who desires an equitable price on their item.  We also consider the buyer, who seeks quality merchandise at a fair and reasonable price.  We must also consider the current season, the demand for such an item, the style, and the quantity that we may already have in stock.  Our in-take staff must determine all of this and more within a few minutes of time in order to maximize efficiency.  Each item must then be tagged and entered into the sales system, then photographed for the website, and listed for sale, and then put out on the floor in a tasteful display.  Hundreds of items per week go through this process at Evilena’s Red Dresser! 

One interesting aspect of the consignment process is the manner in which Evilena’s is able to benefit both the consignor and the buyer.  Consider, if you will, the woman who recently lost her mother. She is grieving.  She may have funeral expenses or residual health care bills piling up.  She may have spent all week sorting through her mother’s belongings, clothing, furniture, and sentimental items.  It is not an easy thing to load these items into a car and drive them to a consignment shop. Furniture and chairs may have been used to sit and enjoy time together as a family.  Dishes may have held a memorable holiday meal.  A piece of jewelry might have been a gift to celebrate a milestone birthday. Our staff understands that every person who stands at our consignment window is most likely in some season of transition.

Another consignor might be downsizing.  The kids are grown and have moved away, and the house is just too big & quiet now.  There might have been a job loss, or a divorce, or another circumstance that now requires selling one’s belongings.  Sometimes people share their stories with us, sometimes they do not - but we know that everyone has a story and a reason why they are consigning items with us.  We do not take lightly our role in this process. We try our best to be mindful of each person who takes the time to stop in our store, and to consider the unique situation and circumstances of each one.  

However, it is not always dire circumstances that bring consignment items our way! We have many customers who regularly rotate their wardrobe, and they wish to sell their gently worn clothing so that they can repurpose that cash into a new wardrobe.  We have consignors who have successfully lost weight and are celebrating their dedication and determination by consigning lovely clothes that no longer fit well, so that they can earn some money to buy clothes in their new size!  We have many consignors who treasure hunt at estate sales or other venues, and they enjoy a nice little side hustle by consigning these finds at Evilena’s.  Every item that we take in on consignment is photographed and listed on our website, which gives it nationwide exposure, and increases the likelihood of a quick turnaround on a consigned item. We do all of the description writing, photographing, answering questions, and shipping  - so you don’t have to! You just simply drop off your item, and then check your consignor’s account to see what has sold, then come in and pick up your cash.  Evilena’s makes the process very easy for you!

Our buyers are sometimes young couples on a budget for decorating a first home or apartment.  Perhaps they are transitioning out of college, and into their first job.  Sometimes they’ve recently relocated and opted not to bring their furniture with them.  Maybe a buyer is looking for a unique statement piece to dress up a monotone room.  Customers love to shop Evilena’s for the one-of-a-kind clothing that snazzies up our boutique! You never know what you might find today at Evilena’s - our inventory changes hour by hour! 

Each of the scenarios mentioned here are examples of transition.  Transition is a normal part of life - we all experience it at one time or another - but it is rarely easy.  

There is an interesting scripture in the Bible in 1 Samuel 25:29.  In this passage, Abigail is speaking to David, hoping to appease his anger at the rude treatment David received from Abigail’s husband.  Abigail assures David that he shall be “bound in the bundle of life with the Lord thy God.”  What a beautiful statement of hope! 

The bundle of life surely includes times of transition and change.  It’s easy to say, “Well, that’s just a part of life.”  But it is often a difficult part of life! Change is rarely easy.  When a loved one has passed on, or a child has grown into an adult and moved away, or circumstances have transplanted you in an unfamiliar city…these can all be unsettling transitions! When you find yourself eating dinner alone, or going to church or events by yourself, or traveling without a companion for the first time, it can feel so different, uneasy, and restless.  And although we know that everyone goes through these times of transition, it doesn’t make it any easier! 

What does make it easier? 

These times of transition can be made easier knowing the last 5 words of that Bible verse in 1 Samuel…”with the Lord thy God.”


We are all bound in the bundle of life, but knowing the Lord is what makes those difficult times bearable.  It is good to be reminded that we are truly never alone when we are bound in the bundle of life WITH the Lord our God!  The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).  There is no transition that can come your way that could ever keep the Lord from being with you.  No matter where you are, He is there.  In the darkest night, on the longest journey, in the craziest day…He is there.  When transition threatens to steal your peace and contentment, whisper His name in prayer.  He is as close as the mention of His name! There is no season of transition that can carry you away from His presence.  Yes, the road called “Transition” may feel bumpy and uncertain at times, but rest assured, God is with you on the journey.  It won’t always feel this unsettled and unsure.  The bundle of life and it’s ever-changing circumstances will always bring surprises and ups and downs.  But the key to safely navigating through these times is to hang on tightly to the Lord.  Take comfort in the fact that you are “bound in the bundle” of His care. Stay in close communication with Him in prayer, and stay in His word daily.  He will guide you and keep you safely bound in the bundle of life…with the Lord your God!

Enjoy the remainder of your summer, Friends! Stay tuned for news and details about our Anniversary Celebration coming up in August!


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