Consignment - The Thrill of the Hunt!

Consignment - The Thrill of the Hunt!

There’s nothing like scoring a great shopping deal!  Whether it’s the perfect shirt, a gorgeous glass pitcher, or that funky lamp you didn’t even know you needed, these fantastic finds are what makes shopping at Evilena’s Red Dresser so much fun!

Every visit to Evilena’s is unique - just like you!

We have new items arriving daily, and our selection of merchandise is fresh each day.   Are you in the mood for a style that breaks out of the trendy mold? A consignment shop is the perfect place to start!  Rather than a display with 10 of the same shirts, we fill our racks with original pieces.  Evilena’s is full of one-of-a-kind treasures!

The Price Is Right. 

Consignment prices will beat department store prices all day long!  Why pay more in a department store when you can find your classic, timeless wardrobe pieces at Evilena’s for a fraction of the cost?

Consignment Shopping Is a Boost To The Environment.  

Just because you aren’t using a certain item any longer, why should it take up space in a garbage dump or landfill?  There are many people who love to repurpose used items, furniture, and housewares, and your item might be exactly what they need for their special project.

Shopping At Evilena’s Is A Great Way to Support Your Community. 

Your purchase supports both local business owners AND consignors.  It keeps your dollars local, helping families right in your own neighborhood.  Evilena’s provides jobs for local residents, and also donates to local charities and services that aid many local people and not-for-profit organizations.  

Consignment Gives You A Reason To Declutter Your Home. 

Take a good look around.  What are you no longer using?  What items are collecting dust around your home, or taking up precious space that could be cleared to make room for guests or a new statement piece?  Sell those items on consignment and enjoy the freedom of clean, spacious breathing room in your home, and earn some money at the same time! 

Buying And Selling On Consignment Emphasizes Financial Responsibility. 

When it comes time for your children or grandchildren to learn the value of a dollar, shopping at Evilena’s is a great way to help them grasp fiscal responsibility.  Consignment shopping can be a meaningful, fun teaching tool when helping young people discover how to stretch their money and how to live contentedly within their means.  Evilena’s is a treasure trove for college students and young couples just starting out in their first home.  Here they will find affordable, quality furniture and home decor to feather their cozy nest, while keeping that nest-egg budget safe and sound!

Consignment Pays. 

When you bring items in to consign at Evilena’s, you will earn a generous percentage of the sale!  You have the option to use that money as a credit toward a future purchase at Evilena’s, or you can simply pocket your profit and use it where you need it the most!   Consigning items is SO much easier than having a garage sale, or selling on the internet.  There’s no pricing and tagging, no writing ads and descriptions, no waiting around for no-show customers, and no haggling over price.  Just bring your items to Evilena’s, and they will take care of all the pricing, listing, and selling.  You just have to show up to collect your cash after your item is sold!  

There are so many benefits to buying and selling items at Evilena’s!

Stop in soon - we’d love to see you!