September ~ Home Style

September ~ Home Style

Be•YOU•tiful Style At Home

Last month we talked about developing your personal wardrobe style, and wasn’t that fun? 

This month, we are going to dive into recognizing your own beautiful, personal style in your home.

One of our missions at Evilena’s Red Dresser is to help people during times of transition.  Moving into a new living space is certainly a transitional time! You may find yourself in the midst of downsizing, relocating, or repurposing rooms in your home as children grow up and move into their own season of transition.  Perhaps an elderly parent is moving into your home, or some other situation has prompted a rearranging of living quarters.  Rarely do we find ourselves living in the same space for our entire life.  The changing seasons of time, and the ebb & flow of circumstances will most likely give each one of us an opportunity to fill a new-to-us home with decor that reflects our personality, our daily routine, and our style.

Do you know your personal home decor style?  Our wardrobe style can actually give us some hints about our home decor style.  Our clothing reflects what we wish to convey when we go out into the world, and our home speaks our style when others come to us.  It is also a place for our souls to be rested and refreshed, and where functionality and routine are emphasized.

Homes are made for living.  Most of us do not live in a museum…(but if you do, I’d love to meet you, and can I come over for a visit? I’ll even volunteer to bring snacks!)  

Our homes welcome us at the end of a long day, and serve a purpose far beyond a mere shelter from the outside world.  Perhaps that is why transitions are so challenging.  We are leaving a place where memories have been made, where loved ones have come and gone, and where we have experienced a myriad of circumstances, emotions, and responsibilities.  It can be tough to relocate, even when it is for positive reasons.

Thankfully, if you have an idea of your personal decor style, you do not have to leave that style behind when you transition!  It can go with you into any space.  You might find that you are a blend of styles.  You might find clarity in your personal style as you get older and have more space in your home, or you realize that you do not need as much functionality.  Our space morphs as our seasons in life change, don’t they?

When our kids are young, we need furnishings that enable us to keep shoes, backpacks, and soccer balls organized.  When we transition out of those days, what will we put in that space instead? 

Has transition given you a spare bedroom?  What style will you employ to create a lovely craft/sewing room, or a book nook, or a dedicated office?

Even if you are downsizing, and you’ve happily consigned half of your home decor to Evilena’s, how will you rearrange the remaining space?  Are you embracing minimalism now that you have less possessions to manage?  Do you need a fun and safe space for the grandkids to play when they come over?  You can still let your personal style shine through, regardless of what season of life or transition you might find yourself in at the moment.

Within these styles, there are variations and personalizations that will make your home unique.  Of course, there are more design styles than just the few mentioned here - but these are a few of the most popular, and we’ve included a brief description of each one.  Perhaps these photos will help you narrow down your favorite look.  Having a good idea of your own personal style will help you shop for decor that reflects your beauty, and will help you feel at home, no matter what address is on your mailbox.   And most importantly, please remember that God is our ultimate dwelling place.  Psalm 90:1 tells us, “Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.” And in Psalm 91, He reminds us that He is our refuge, our fortress, our habitation, and that there is comfort and safety found in His presence.  Our homes here on earth are precious to us, but they are subject to change, and that can certainly be unsettling.  God is an everlasting dwelling place for us forever! Isn’t that a reassuring truth? Thank you, God, for being “home” for those who believe and trust in You!

Shared below are a few ideas of home decor style.  Which ones capture your gaze longer than others?  What area looks welcoming and relaxing to you? Does one look too busy and chaotic for you?  Take a moment to ponder these styles, and see what appeals to you, then consider making a visual sweep of your surroundings, and gather up the items in your space that do not best reflect your style, and bring them to us for con$ignment!  Then, take a walk through the inspirational surroundings at Evilena’s Red Dresser, and discover some home decor and furniture that fits your style!  You can even consult with our in-house designer, Denise, and get ideas for combining textures and colors, accent pieces, and how to pull your look together.

Traditional Home Style

This is one of the most popular and lovely styles of decor, but often goes “undeclared” because it is a blend of past eras and varied design styles.  It incorporates elegance and sophistication with history and comfort, and offers an appreciation for classic art, antiques, and symmetry. It displays the colors of nature, and injects both patterns and florals to celebrate the freedom that flourishes within Traditional style. This style pulls from so many eras that you might have to go into treasure-hunter mode to select furniture and room accessories.  Estate sales and consignment shops will give you an abundance of selection for the traditional home!



Modern & Contemporary Style

These two are not necessarily the same.  Modern is actually a style that originated at the dawn of the 20th century, and is still popular today.  It features clean, simple lines, and bold colors of black, white, red, blue, and other primary colors.  It also showcases the heavy use of glass and wood.  The Modern Style has it’s roots in Germany and Scandinavia. It focuses on function, practicality, and logic.  There are no “extra” adornments to be found here!  Examples of the modern style might be found in IKEA, Jonathan Adler, Chairish, or LexMod, but your best bet for authentic, vintage Modern furniture is a consignment or resale shop like Evilena’s Red Dresser!



In contrast, Contemporary style is more about the here and now...what is trending TODAY!

To better explain the difference between Modern and Contemporary, realize that Contemporary is always changing with the times, and will also blend in other styles such as Art Deco or historical, albeit still with clean lines and smooth surfaces, whereas Modern will remain unchanged, for the most part.  Contemporary makes prolific use of natural light and eco-friendly resources, and will often portray a unique and fresh aura.  Modern will generally continue to reflect the early 20th century...the late 40’s, and into the 1950’s and 60’s.  Retailers who offer Contemporary furniture are Industry West, Apt2B, and HAY.  Authentic Modern decor can be found at resale and consignment shops like Evilena’s Red Dresser, and Modern reproductions can be found at IKEA and Modern Source.

Pictured below is an example of Contemporary style...for the moment...and subject to change with current interior design trends.


Mid-Century Style

This style originated in the mid-1940’s - 1960’s, coinciding with WW2 and thereafter.  Families were focused on frugality, and the homes reflected this in a minimalistic style, out of necessity.  Today’s Mid-Century style home decor is a preference based on timelessness, utility, and comfort.  In this home, you may feel a “retro” vibe, with an emphasis on vivid color, geometric shapes, and extra space for social gatherings.  Creators of Mid-Century furnishings include Eames, Knoll, and Cherner.  Eames is famous for it’s Mid-Century chairs made out of molded plywood. 

[Eames Chair] 

These unique chairs are stylish, functional, versatile, and affordable. 
Pictured below are more examples of Mid-Century decor. 


The Minimalist Style

Minimalism in home decor has experienced a revival in the last few years.  This style is all about clean elegance and no-fuss.  There are magazines, podcasts, and tv shows dedicated to downsizing and simplifying your space.  A minimalist home will often feature simple lines, a neutral color palette, and nothing “extra”.  No clutter, no excess, and will possess gentle, bare surfaces with rounded corners that exude calmness and serenity.  Interestingly, people who favor the Minimalistic style often find it hard to relax or feel at ease in an environment where there is clutter and busy-ness from multiple, competing strong colors and contrasting elements.  It leaves them feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  This is one reason why you might notice that decluttering feels like you have been gifted a bit of  “breathing room.”  If these tendencies describe you, then you might favor Minimalistic home furnishings. Brands that focus on Minimalism would be AYTM, Menu, Muji, Blue Dot, and Apparatus Studio.  


On the other hand, some people find that Minimalistic decor leaves them feeling bored, restless, and uninspired in such a neutral environment.  View the photo above and below, and take a moment to picture yourself walking into this space.  What are you feeling?  Do you feel a sense of calm? Or do you feel it to be sterile and “underwhelming?” 



Take a look at the other photos in this post - - Does the Bohemian style below catch your attention and pull you in to appreciate all the bright colors, textures, and patterns?  Or does that style look messy, clashed, or disheveled to you?  Does it energize you and inspire you to create?  These are questions to ask yourself when envisioning your space and contemplating the various styles that are available to you.

Bohemian Style

[Boho Bedroom]

“Boho” decor is a colorful, eclectic look with inspiration from around the world!  It sings of free-spirited, casual designs, with a fun mix of patterns, shapes, and textures. Bohemian color palettes tend to be full of lush, rich, contrasting tones, layered among a playful mix of rugged and smooth textures, and makes creative use of natural materials such as silk, leather, jute, and wood.  Popular brands of the Bohemian style would be Urban Outfitters, World Market, Jungalow by Justina Blakeney, (and oh! - Don’t miss the festive peel-and-stick Tie Dye wallpaper by SmithHönig

 It’s the perfect Boho wallcovering!

[Bohemian Style]

And speaking of natural materials like wood and leather…

Let’s wrap up our tour of Be•YOU•tiful home decor styles with a collection of assorted styles that are often mixed & matched among the other styles we’ve mentioned.  These other styles have elements that overlap and compliment one another, and can be incorporated into the aforementioned decor in creative ways!

Modern Rustic and Industrial Style

[Modern Rustic]

Doesn’t the laundry feel like less of a chore when there is a sliding barn door there to greet you?  Do you love exposed beams, reclaimed wood tables, and a steamer trunk coffee table? Well, then, you might consider yourself a Modern Rustic.  

[Modern Rustic]

Do you have a deep appreciation for heavy metal accents and cool, smooth steel surfaces?  Then you probably favor the Industrial style.  


If you long for a softer side of rustic, then you might feel at home in Farmhouse style.  Here we celebrate antiques and animals, and tractors and barns!

[Farmhouse Style]

[More Farmhouse Style]

Wrap your space up in shiplap and whitewashed vintage cabinets, and you can easily slide right into Shabby Chic style.  Awash in lacy whites, pale pastels, cool mints, and vintage, feminine accents, this look is reminiscent of friendship, afternoon tea, a good book, and a gentle softness.  

[Shabby Chic]

Within all of the styles mentioned here, you can add accent pieces, pillows, lamps, framed art, or rugs to create a theme based on your particular interests.  Themes might be something like nautical, victorian, romantic, athletic, equestrian, western, floral, spiritual, or other personal interest themes.  Did you determine your style from these options?  Remember, if you’d like some help in figuring out your style, or in selecting furniture and decor to create your own Be•YOU•tiful style at home, come to Evilena’s and let our experienced staff guide you toward finding your own style.  No matter what design style is your favorite, you will find a vast selection and many options to perfectly decorate your home from Evilena’s ever-changing inventory of furniture, art, lamps, and more!  With items coming in on consignment every day, there are always new treasures to find at Evilena’s.

In fact...we have a BIG truckload of furniture arriving Tuesday, September 7th, and you’ll want to stop in next week and see this stunning haul! 

And, LAST, but certainly not least...we will be holding our first-ever Online Estate Sale on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, beginning at 6 am and running continuously online until 11 pm on Thursday, September 9.  These items are all in a lovely Orland Park home, and will be available for pick-up after purchase on Saturday, September 10, and Sunday, September 11 from 9 am - 1 pm.  Please visit our website for more details about the Estate Sale.  It’s so exciting - Evilena’s FIRST Online Estate Sale - Don’t miss it!

Hope to see you soon at Evilena’s Red Dresser!



Be•YOU•tiful Style

Be•YOU•tiful Style


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