The "Secret" To A Long And Happy Life

The "Secret" To A Long And Happy Life


Evilena’s Red Dresser recently held an event to honor all of the beautiful women who are a part of our everyday life. This festive event also coincides with the birthday of Evilena Molthan - Jan’s mother, and the namesake of Evilena’s Red Dresser.   You may recall that Evilena would come in the store on her birthday weekend, and we would celebrate with treats, flowers, live music, gifts, and visits with friends and customers.  Evilena loved these events!  Here we are celebrating her 101st birthday in the shop a few years ago!

We continued this tradition as we celebrated mothers, daughters, friends, aunts, cousins, co-workers and neighbors last Saturday…and we had a wonderful time!


One unique aspect of our event was that we wished to be a special blessing to any lady who was 90 years old and up.  We had a lovely gift basket made for each of them, filled with flowers, treats, a book, and two tickets to our upcoming Garden Walk.   

These ladies are each so beautiful, and we wanted to take a few moments to listen to them speak and share some words from their hearts of experience, wisdom, love, and long life. There is a wealth of wisdom in these women! Their words and their thoughts are important.   We wanted to be a blessing to them, but THEY were the ones who actually gave us the blessing!

We came to the end of our day feeling inspired to focus on what really matters in life - to simply love one another, to love God, to appreciate family…all things that we “know” are important, yet we sometimes forget to prioritize. We were reminded of the importance of the “little things” that add up to a joyful, peaceful life. Things like love, conversation, gratitude and generosity, staying active, and faith.


Interestingly, these ladies each spoke of simple things.  It wasn’t the big events or possessions gained, or accolades bestowed. The most meaningful moments they expressed were about their families, their work, and how to simply enjoy life and love the people around you.

Please enjoy the precious words of these beautiful women who graciously took the time to spend a few moments chatting with us. The valuable thoughts they shared are priceless!


When asked what they considered to be important things to remember in life, they shared things like, “Love one another”... “Learn to be quiet”...”Be patient”...”Stay busy”...”Believe in God”...”Put down the cellphone and talk to each other”...”Eat well”...but the overriding theme was simply LOVE. 

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this week, moms will be honored for all that they do.  Thank you, Mom, for cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, driving, scheduling, but the most often heard thank you is “Thank you for just loving me.”

 Mothering has many facets and responsibilities, but from the years of wisdom shared by people who have been on this earth for a long time, mothers are most known, cherished, and remembered for their unwavering love.  


As women, God has placed a nurturing spirit within us.  We have the ability to care, encourage, inspire, and love those around us in ways that no one else can.  Our gentleness can soothe and comfort.  Our grace can foster acceptance and security to others.  Our kindness can calm an angry soul.  Our touch can quiet an anxious heart.  Our words can breathe life into a discouraging, hopeless situation.  Our prayers can move the hand of God upon the path of those we love.  Ironically, all of these “gentle” characteristics are what make women strong.  Isaiah 30:15 reminds us that “in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”  

As we celebrate women this month, and honor Mothers this weekend, may we be reminded of the simple, yet strong values that make women special.  One of the precious ladies we interviewed said “Love…simply love one another.”  


Our hope and prayer at Evilena’s Red Dresser is that when you walk in our door you will feel loved.  We hope that the love of Christ shines upon you in every interaction that you have with us.  We are not perfect, we make mistakes, but God’s love is perfect.  Our prayer is that we can simply be a conduit for God’s love to flow through us, and to overflow out to our customers and our community.  

Happy Mother's Day from the Evilena's Staff!

Let’s continue celebrating all of the women
who grace our lives with their lovely presence!


The Art of Friendship

The Art of Friendship